Get Centered!!!
The Centerpoint Art Project is all about making your life
as a visual artist just a little easier!

Manage Your Art Business From a Single Point.

Track Your Art

Quickly manage pieces or shows, easily tracking everything you need to manage your inventory. It's all in your Centerpoint and automatically integrated with your website and digital presence.

Master Price List

Enter prices on the fly, link them to sizes or labels. Change them all at once then share your price lists as PDF files.

Limited Editions

Sell editions right from your website. Centerpoint takes the pain out of edition management, automatically creating a record for every number in your edition.

Share Collections

Create and edit collections or categories on the fly, then share them as exclusive private web pages available only to select collectors galleries or contacts. Or share them on your website. Twitter or Facebook.

License Your Art

Each time you approve a licensing agreement, just enter the end date of the contract and we'll let you know when it's about to expire.

Use Your Custom Centerpoint Website and Social Media Tools to
Get the Word out About Your Art....No Web Designer Needed

Change Inventory & Change Your Site Automatically!

Any update to your art archieves is instantly reflected on your website. No more out of date websites!

Share Your Works On Facebook/Twitter

Let collectors 'Follow' and 'Like' your work or share images of your art directly on their favorite social media site.

Theme It or Customize it!

Pick an elegant website theme and change it any time as additional themes are added. Want an exclusive custom site. Change background and font colors and upload textures or images to create your exclusive design. Change it anytime.

Easily Change Your Message or Look Free

Create homepages headlines. Modify your Bio and About Pages, change your menu items, link your blog. All instantly. Every feature in a costly custom site is included in your Centerpoint Custom Website free. You can even keep your existing domain name or get a new one.

2 Custom E-Commerce Solutions For Working Artists.

Use One or Both for Originals and Editions

1-Soft Sell Sales

Collectors need to feel good about a major purchase. Not many expensive pieces of fine art are sold with a "Buy Now" button. Customize Centerpoint's "Tell Me More" button and messages to initiate a conversation leading to a sale. Use PayPal to finalize the transaction.

2-Purchase Button

Use Centerpoint's "Purchase Buttons" to initiate a no hassle sale of Originals and/or Editions. Lead buyers to a Paypal checkout with custom messaging and email notifications.

Share Prices

Display your prices online or just use the "Tell Me More" buttons to start a conversation.

Share Locations

Choose to let website visitors see where each piece can be seen and, if desired, share current gallery contact information.


Centerpoint supports the Metric system and Euro symbols and we are currently working on providing European telephone number formatting.

Art Friendly Contact Management

One place for your art business contacts

Easily import or add contact information for collectors, galleries, museums, press etc. Build power lists to get your work seen by art biz players.

Email Your Contacts

Centerpoint lets you group your contacts by type to simply important art business and marketing tasks. Easily EMAIL a unique set of images to an interested buyer, a select list of collectors, press contacts or any group directly from Centerpoint.

Link your collectors, galleries and contacts.

Use filters to create targeted email campaigns or to produce snail mail lists. Create one click marketing or administration emails directed to select contacts.

Snail Mail and MailChimp

Export your Centerpoint contacts to PDF, Avery Labels  or   CSV
formats and email / snail
mail newsletters or invitations
on other mailing platforms
like Microsoft Word  or 

Build Your Own Personal Team of Advisors

Project based and hourly one click consulting,
coaching and mentoring to launch or jumpstart your career.

The Centerpoint Art Project beta is currently assembling an experienced team of art business and marketing consultants. Our mission is to be the affordable art business partner you've been looking for. After beta testing of software tools is complete, we'll be offering one click access to the best advice and planning available.

We'll let you know when we're rolling out the Version 1.0 but you can count on our development team's effort to get you the kind of sevices you need. You can help us and the artist community by telling us what kind of assistance you would be interested in. Just click on the Feedback Tab at any time from any page on the site and add your ideas. We'll keep you in the loop.

The Only Fully Integrated Art Business Management Tools, Free

Simply Your art business
and make life just a little easier.